Client Testimonial : The Christman Company - Crowne Plaza Project

Organization/Project: The Christman Company - Crowne Plaza

Industry: Light Commercial

Year Completed: 2019

Client Testimonial:

So often all we here are we aren't doing it fast enough or good enough. But in this day and age of fast pace work and trying to maintain quality there are times with some contractors something suffers. But that is not the case and has never been the case with the fortune I have had working with Mall City.

Crowne Plaza Ballroom

I want to give an extended hand of gratitude to Ron Jackson and the whole team and organization for doing an outstanding job of quality and craftsmanship for your work on the Crowne Plaza Project. There were several times when meeting the milestone completion dates did not look promising. But Ron and his men never seem to wavier and held steadfast to get and push all of us to the end. What we accomplished would not have been possible to get the finished product we can all be proud of without Ron and Mall City. One of Ron s many qualities was never giving up and always finding solutions instead of dwelling on the problems at hand.

A simple thanks is not enough. I am not one to blow smoke. But I am one to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Matt for giving me the pleasure to work with Ron and the rest of your team. I hope we can do this again soon. It would be my pleasure.

-Bob Luttrell
Project Coordinator
The Christman Company