Client Testimonial : Aunalytics

Organization/Project: Aunalytics

Industry: Light Commercial

Year Completed: 2014

Client Testimonial:

MCM performed the mechanical contracting work, primarily HVAC and plumbing, on our $5-million, tier 3 data center construction project 2014. The project involved fully redundant, data center cooling solutions as well as new office space and remodeling work.

Secant Data Center

We chose MCM over their competitors primarily based on their ability to work with complex systems. Our install was no simple home or business install; it required a great level of ability from our mechanical contractor. We knew that MCM could deliver this level of expertise based on previous joint projects.

MCM is one of the best mechanical contractors around for critical cooling systems; they understand the complex needs of highly reliable data center cooling installs and the engineering that goes into them. We would absolutely recommend MCM; in fact, we recommend them to our customers as well.

Our partnership with MCM was highlighted by great project management and excellent technical ability. Project management was direct and conscientious, install work was well-engineered and performed by their skilled team. We appreciate vendors who aren't learning on the job, even with the most complex of critical systems.

-Chris Nicholson
Data Center Manager