Thank You to Our Heroes

MCM has decided to take a moment between Armed Services Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day to thank our military and first responders for their sacrifice and protection. We take this opportunity to show respect and honor to those that have served or have been lost ensuring the freedoms we enjoy.

Recently, my family and I were in Chicago and my 7-year-old thanked a group of police officers for their service. This got me thinking about the innocence of children, and his simple act of showing gratitude reinforced my desire to honor those around our community.

As we acknowledge the failures in our Nation's past, may we also honor the beauty of our diversity as we work together to live in a more unified and peaceful world. Our ancestors fought to protect our rights, at home and abroad; and for this, we are grateful.

Freedom. Peace. Respect. Honor.

Thank you, American Heroes.

Derek Rowe

The MCM Team

Since 1985, MCM team has developed a reputation for supporting its customers with building management challenges, using the MCM Way. While the headquarters is in Kalamazoo, Mich., a facility was opened in Grand Rapids in 2007 due to demand.

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