Client Testimonial : Rockford Construction

Organization/Project: Rockford Construction project at the Whirlpool Technology Center

Industry: Light Commercial

Year Completed: 2014

Client Testimonial:

MCM performed the mechanical contracting work on the renovation of the Whirlpool Technology Center in Benton Harbor. Their work on the project involved HVAC systems and an Under Floor Air Distribution System used in the office spaces of the building.

Rockford Construction chose to work with MCM on this project because of their reliable reputation, teamwork, and ability to work with complex systems. We knew that MCM could deliver this level of expertise based on work on previous Rockford projects.

The unique and complex aspect of this project was the Under Floor Air Distribution System. This system allows for increased energy savings, reduced material consumption, and an aesthetically pleasing design.

This system also involves a great deal of teamwork and coordination amongst trades to install. MCM s onsite foremen Bob Yarbrough and Jeff Tyson worked well with the other contractors on this process to ensure an on time and a quality installation. Their teamwork, communication, and commitment in this process exceeded expectations.

MCM's overall work on this project met the owner (Whirlpool), Rockford Construction team, and my own expectations. They delivered a finished product on time and with quality workmanship. I would recommend future work with MCM's team.

-Jeff Brakefield
Rockford Construction